“Intro to Reiki”

This is a night time class  usually offered at my center for Reiki . Check with me on dates
Learn about Reiki.  Dr. Oz recommends Reiki and it was featured on his TV show. Dr. Oz mentioned that “we have been using it in the Oz family for years.” Reiki is a universal art of natural healing affecting the whole person in a positive way including body, emotions, mind and spirit. In this introduction to Reiki you will learn how Reiki can help you & why it is popular & powerful in helping with pain reduction /stress reduction and healing. Reiki makes an excellent supplement to other forms of healing work. You will receive a mini-Reiki session. All levels of Reiki taught monly Gigi Benanti Reiki Master/Teacher ,at Angelic Healing Center 7 Morgan Ave Norwalk Ct Free parking Must sign up… 203-852-1150

Reiki Meditation with Essential Oiis for any level Reiki Practitioner,

Offered at A.H.C.     Check with me on Dates   offered at night   7:30pm    about  2 hours
Join Gigi for powerful Reiki Meditation.$15.
We will use Young Living Essential oils during our meditation
Self-healing Reiki can be done during the Meditation. Singing bowls, angel cards, crystals, tuning forks may also be used.
Connect with an expert that specializes in Reiki since 1996. Current info is always included.
Participants must call again to sign up or e-mail me . thanks

Angel Card Reading for Yourself, 

Usually held at A.H.C    2 hours  7-9pm fee $28. usually offered each month .
Introduction to Angel Card reading Learn how to do an angel card reading for yourself will include flyers and meditation to help you connect to your angels.
This mini-workshop is for Reiki or Non -Reiki I will have angel cards that you can buy ..cash or ck  or you are welcome to borrow some .

Angelic Reiki Psychic Attunement (Reiki only)   7pm $38

Connect with with your angels during your Reiki self-healing or for others. Open your 3rd eye,helpful for intuition  Short meditations/instructions . Receive Attunement Short instructions on how to call in Angels in our session

Crystals Attunement & Essential oils (Reiki only)  7pm  $38

Learn ways to use crystals for yourself & others with Reiki /YLEOil.
Receive Crystal Reiki attunement.Included gift of small crystals.
Keep your self Clear , Keep your Reiki  Refreshed ( Reiki only) 7pm $38  Ideas oh how to keep our selves from picking up stuff and  Refresh our Reiki energy