Reiki Session with Gigi

Receiving Reiki is a gentle, calming, centering, peaceful experience. Reiki can also be helpful for pain and stress reduction and for many health issues. Reiki has been used to complement fertility treatments. It is helpful before or after surgery. Dr Oz has mentioned on television that both he and his wife practice Reiki and she is a Reiki Master. Reiki is very popular with cancer patients, and also those recovering from Lyme disease, depression, grief and stressful life changes. Reiki is a wonderful way to take care of oneself and release any old energy. It helps to balance your physical, mental and emotional energies.

In the first session we will discuss your needs and tailor a Reiki session for you. The session may be Reiki only, but since I have had training in other healing modalities they may also be incorporated as well.

$85 Reiki Session Western Style 1 hour – You will lay on a treatment table fully clothed with a light blanket. You will be also lying on a very comfortable heated crystal Bio Mat which is included as a special bonus. I may use Young Living Essential Oils….a few drops on the wrists, a few “energy of the bars” positions. Sound healing with singing bowls and tunings forks may also be used as well as different types of crystals. I have some special crystals that were brought back to me from the famous healer “John of God”.

$85-$95 Jikiden Reiki Eastern Style  1 hour
Jikiden Style Reiki Session will be customized according to your needs.

 $30-$60 additional fee to Session. Aura Clearing, Healing Attunement which also adds more time to the session.

 $85 + $35  Reiki Session  with Reiki Review for Reiki Practitioner any level  Fee can also depend on how much time you need and if you need any new manuals

$85 + $35 or $45 Reiki Session with a Re-attunement of your Reiki Level
About an hour and a half,  this is my most popular way to revitalize your Reiki
and may be helpful after any major change in your life. Please bring me a copy of your Reiki Certificate if you did not train with me.

$85    Angel card Reading with Reiki Session – 1 Hour total

$85 “Energy of the Bars” 1 hour – or with Reiki add $25  Gigi in one of the first certified practitioners in Ct. called  the “Bars”  which is a set  processes that are designed to facilitate more consciousness for everyone. There are 32 bars of energy that run through and around your head. They store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts.This session is done with hands on the head.

 $175 to $375 Reiki Space clearing home or office within 30 minutes drive

$100  Reiki Long Distance Space clearing 

Quick Distance healing for past students or clients gifted or
 Love Donations welcome through paypay or by check)

Full Reiki Distance healing session  $50   or prepay 3 sessions $115
For people or pets
Prepay on paypal or mail a check

Information on BioMat: Amethyst Biomat ( I am a distributor)
The power of Three,  Far infrared Rays, Natural Lightwave
negative Ions,  Natural Energy,  Amethyst, Quartz, Natural
helps to Strengthens immune system,  Improves lymphatic flow
helps increase circulation , balances ph. helps clear the mind, stabilizes nervous system
its feels great and it can be helpful cold or  warm to very hot you decide!!!
Wonderful with Reiki

John of God a Brazilian Healer   that is credited with helping  millions .
A Book John of God by Karen Leffler & H,Cummings  tells his story  Karen
she bought me back Crystals from the Casa .

Please call or e-mail Gigi for an appointment.  Please no drop ins.  Free Parking
24 hours notice for changes of your appointment

Angelic Reiki Blessings in Love and Light,Gigi B.Reiki Master/Teacher office # 203-852-1150 call for appointments Thank you my # 259039  Angelic Healing Center Norwalk CT