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Gigi Benanti Receives Jikiden Reiki Certificate  From F.Arjava Petter 5/12

This was written for a News Brief for Natural Awakening and may appear in  9/12 magazine

Angelic Healing Center: A Reiki Center in Norwalk, CT
Gigi Benanti is an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher celebrating her 17th year of Reiki . To celebrate and to
continue to deepen her commitment to the system of Reiki Healing she took a special 5 day Reiki
workshop . The first day of the workshop was on the same date of her 1st Reiki workshop 17th years ago.
The workshop was for Jikiden Reiki, a special and powerful Japanese system of Reiki. It was
taught by F.Arjava Patter who is famous in theReiki community. The system is called Jikiden Reiki
Kenkyu Kai.It is considered to be one of the true and complete systems of Reiki. She has seen firsthand
the comfort Reiki Healing has to offer for stress, pain reduction, cancer care, hospice care, and so much
Although she is not teaching Jikiden Reiki she now includes Jikiden Reiki techniques along with Usui/Karuna ™ Reiki in her
Reiki Sessions & healing practice. She teach usually teaches every level of Reiki monthly.
Workshops are held at Angelic Healing Center for Reiki in Norwalk with Gigi Benanti B.A. Reiki Master/Teacher
7 Morgan Ave Norwalk Ct.
Connect with an experienced expert that specializes in Reiki since 1995. Current info is always included. She has a full time healing and teaching practice for Reiki Healing. She is also a Reiki Therapist for an hospice agency. Gigi is a Usui Reiki Master/ Karuna Master/Teacher reg. ™ ICRT member of ICRT and IARP. Jikiden Japanese Reiki Certified Free Parking off of Exit 16 East Ave on a beautiful street or phone 203-852-1150

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